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6 Reasons it's Cool to be a Beginner

While it's always a great feeling to be well-versed in your field, it's equally important to dive into something new and admit you're clueless

Being a beginner can be frightening in any circumstance. There are also many parts of being a beginner that go unnoticed and are missed out on!


A lot of this will be cheesy…true, but cheesy.

Embrace the cheese.

1) You get to choose what you're a beginner in.

As many of us grow up we are forced to become great at one or two big things, which there's nothing wrong with. Said activity usually becomes our “trade” and way of living. However, it eventually becomes a large part of our lives and often in the trade we reach an excitement capacity (point where things that used to be fun and new, become sub-par). Reaching out to learn new things can lead to revitalization in trades through seeing things in a new point of view!

Be it Martial Arts, pottery, education, interpretive dance or underwater basket weaving, the new journey you go on is based off of what YOU want! So get ready to enjoy the ride!

2) Your mind is a blank slate!

You have the opportunity to slowly take in knowledge you had NEVER known before. Amazing right?

An issue with learning new things in a fields that you are fluent in, is that more often than not, you become biased to a certain way of doing things. Beginners though, have the opportunity to process new information and decide for themselves whether or not it is good or useful!

So take advantage of it! Never learn one way to do things. Beginners can take new roads and winding paths that they find are right or wrong, fun or not, and good or bad!

3) You have EVERYTHING ahead of you!

Every goal you set is going to be because of this moment. The Start!

Now, things will change as you go along your journey, but at this moment you have everything to look forward to, everything to map out, and everything to accomplish!

Be creative with objectives, as this time period is where you start your results!

4) You won’t be bored anytime soon!

If you (or your teacher) is doing things right, you won’t soon be bored. You aren’t reviewing old information or punching never-ending numbers into a machine (unless that's your thing, sorry if it is!), you're learning!

Boredom is crummy and leads to silly decisions, so be sure to be silly and spontaneous in the right direction.

5) Not a lot is expected of you yet.

To some, this isn't a lot of fun. I get it. But if you’re someone who is constantly under pressure, enjoy having an ease of expectations in an environment you're not used to.

Life is full of pressure and criticism, so take moments of time to take in knowledge rather than hold pressure.

6) You are nothing BUT potential!

You're energy is not yet kinetic! The abilities you will have are not put into place yet, and YOU can create what level of enthusiasm, hard work and emphasis you place into this new opportunity!

If you have ever wasted an opportunity at something new by only moderately putting forth effort, now is a new chance to redeem yourself!

I BEG of you, try new things no matter your age. Even if you find out you didn't like the idea of this new project as much as you thought, there are always other new activities to begin! If you were on the edge of trying something new, I hope this reached you well. Embark on new adventures and become a beginner in something exciting to you! You won’t regret it.

-Sensei Seth


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