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Christmas Gift Ideas for Martial Artists

While we live in a time where everything becomes more and more convenient, getting a loved one Christmas gifts continues to be a difficult and butt kicking process (get it? cause... we kick stuff... yea, anyway) especially for a Martial Artist, man woman or child!

SO, here is a list of the best Martial Arts gifts I ever received, wish I received OR bought myself!!

I will also include an Amazon Affiliate Link for each gift, in order from least expensive to most expensive. At the time I am making these a lot of them are on sale, hopefully they stay that way so my order doesn't mess up!

(Yes, complete transparency I do get a kick back from this. Man's gotta eat! Haha!)

1) Hand Wraps


Hand wraps are one of the first things to fade and get worn down. SO, if you have someone in your life who is constantly sparring or boxing, a new pair of hand wraps are a great gift idea!

There are cheaper options for wraps, but this Hayabusa brand are the wraps I prefer!

2) Boxing reflex ball


This thing keeps me occupied for more than I would like to admit...

So this one is becoming more and more popular. It is essentially a soft ball (not softball.. a ball that isn't a hard) that is attached to a rubber band-type string which is attached to a headband. You punch the ball and it comes back for you to punch again. One of my favorite toys!!

3) Belt Holder/Display


What better way to help a friend or family member show their pride for their accomplishments than an aesthetic display holder! As Martial Artists rise through the ranks you can help them remember they're path along the way.



One of the most frequent questions I get asked is "How do I improve my balance?". The very obvious answer is to just balance more but if you're looking to aid your training towards getting better balance is to use a balance board! Ease your way from standing with both feet with a hand on the wall, using two feet alone and then using one foot!

4) Boxing Mitts


Most people have a pair of gloves of their own, but if you have someone to train with these are a must have. They make training with other people a whole different experience! Being able to exchange punches and having a moving target greatly improves the Martial Arts experience.

The Sanabul brand is well known for having super high quality mitts and at $23 it's a great deal for a pair of mitts!

5) Swords/ Display swordS


Wanna do Karate in the garage?!? Yup.

So this one is another great display gift, and makes an awesome piece to show off the true warrior inside! also it just looks really cool... and why else do you buy things, after all?

6) Stretching Machine/Stretching device $35-100

So, anyone in Martial Arts could always use to be more flexible whether they are in Taekwondo or Jiu Jitsu. There are a ton of different options out there that can range from $30-$300, most of them are harder steel rods or machines. I personally prefer the SI-Stretcher, which is a strap that attaches to both feet and has adjustable sections and a pad behind your back. This fits a lot better to your body than the others in my opinion, and just overall feels like way more of a natural stretch!

PLUS I just spoke with the owner of these so if you use the code 10senseiseth you get another 10% off.

7) Duffle Bag


Carrying around two arm fulls of martial arts gear like gloves, foot pads, head gear, mouthgaurds, etc is a huge pain. This is one of the most underrated gifts you can give for a christmas gift in my opinion!

This is just a cool bag I found on amazon that has great reviews (and it's Hayabusa so I am somewhat impartial)! The bag I use is a bag that I got for free a while back. Mesh is usually preferred to keep from MAXIMUM STINKAGE.

8) Wireless ear buds


In my opinion, ear buds are a huge game changer for anyone who works out on their own outside of the dojo, like road work (running), shadow boxing, etc.

I have used this brand Jlab and this product Jbuds and they're just as good as the competition and they're way cheaper. They also do a great job of actually staying in your ear, which is a big deal when you move around as much as us Martial Artists do!

10) GoPro


This one is a Pricey one!!

So, this one isn't as obvious BUT I wanted to make sure I covered all the bases. This is the GoPro I have that I film a lot of sparring (attached to my head or chest) with, or any type of extracurricular activity that I'd like to have a video of! It gets the job done but there are newer and more expensive versions out there, but this is the one that I owned so I don't want to refer any other ones (I would do research on others if you're genuinely interested in getting your own or somebody else one though!)

Welp, I hope this helps! I have the luxury of living the Martial Arts lifestyle through the eyes of a kid, an adult, a student AND an instructor so this list does a pretty good job of encompassing the lesser known necessities of the Martial Artist!!

If you used these links, thank you. Thank you again. You're awesome.

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