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8 Types of Karate Parents

Parents of tiny Martial Artists are what keep guys like me employed, and I think the world of them! However, there are some ironic and funny roles "Karate Parents" tend to keep..

*** Disclaimer ***

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences I have had with nearly everyone I have worked with, child or adult. You can take away a lesson from anyone or any experience! I also do not intend to be rude or belittling, it’s all fun and games! Enjoy!

“The Super-Chill”

Nothing phases this parent. Most likely, the phrase ”walk it off” is quite a popular one in their household. As long as the child is learning their stuff, these parents are happy!

Or not..

Maybe they are?

It’s kind of hard to tell.

The child of the “Super-Chill” parent is also usually number 3 or above, and the adults in the family always have their hands full!

“The All-Knowing”

This Parent is very involved and active, and loves to participate and help their child grow to their fullest potential! They often find themselves inside the class helping her child through moves…


He/She is not in the enrolled in the class..

or a teacher..

or an assistant!

While I love the enthusiasm!!! It often isn’t beneficial towards the child as they would like to think. Speaking for all Karate teachers, “I’ve got this!”

All jokes aside, I am always excited to see parents that truly care, and if you see something from your child you’d like to see improved… let me know after class! I’m here to help.

“The Secondary Student”

“Great class today! What was that move you did in the middle? How does that work?”

The secondary student loves questions, and often pay attention more than some of the actual students! Practice between classes are never an issue for the students of this parent, because they love learning from their kid as much as the kid loves learning from his/her Sensei. These parents are awesome (like the rest) and are a catalyst for their little Ninjas growth!

“The Over-Protective

This is typical with most sports. There is usually a parent or two that are very concerned for they're childrens health, which is understandable! You made that human, logic says to take care of it!


Trust the process! I can promise you that the intention of Karate isn’t to hurt your baby, but instead to help them. We do not allow sparring until we feel the children are fully competent in what they're doing with their “weapons of child destruction” so no one gets hurt!

P.S… And Yes, we can hear you wincing in the back of class.

“The Over-Enforcing”

For every over protective, there is a parent of the opposite extreme. The parent who is yelling from the sidelines to “Kick his butt!!” ...Once again, LOVE the enthusiasm..but you’re scaring the children (and some of the adults). We want everyone to have fun! So be happy for your kid on the inside, and congratulate them at home!

“The Accessorizer”

To those who asked, I don’t know if accesorizer is a word, so just go with it.

This is the parent who thoroughly enjoys testing…Why? Because they get to show off all of the patches, embroidery, stitching and other items (Was that a butterfly??) on their child's Gi!

As a Karate teacher, I certainly enjoy seeing students happily repping school patches and shirts! So to you Accessorizer, be sure to ask your child if they WANT that on their Gi, and if they do, then be proud show off your stitchability!!

“The Recruiter”

This parent is what I call the “Refer-a-friend” fiend. This person takes advantage of all of the bring a friend discounts and loves to talk about what a great program they're a part of! When Sensei’s call out for new students, this parent brings the herd of friends and siblings! (Which is greatly appreciated)

And Lastly..

“All Kinds of Belt Tyers”

This one is quite comical. More often than not, parents try to tie on their “Little Ninjas” belts before class starts! (Key word, try!) Once again, more often than knot (see what I did there?) they are a smidge wrong.

Close! But no cigar.

I do not mind tying belts, I promise. So when in doubt, ask! I am happy to either tie it myself, or help you learn!

P.S. If you're interested, here is one of my favorite instructional videos of how to tie your belt, by Jesse Enkamp A.K.A “The Karate Nerd”!

To all Karate Parents:

You are GREATLY appreciated, each and every one of you. Regardless of where you fall on this silly (but quite funny, admit giggled) list.

Which one are you! Leave a comment and share it with your friends!

-Sensei Seth


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